About Cuttack Group

NCC Group HQ Cuttack was raised on 01 Apr 1965 with ten units under Command as part of 13 Circle Cadet corps which was later re-designated as NCC Directorate Odisha. NCC Group Cuttack looks after the training of NCC Cadets of schools and colleges located in Central and North East of Odisha covering 13 districts and training 3830 Senior Division and 16240 Junior Division Cadets..

The Units under Cuttack Group with their locations are as under : -

1 (O) Bn NCC   Cuttack
7 (O) Bn NCC Bhadrak
12 (O) Bn NCC Dhenkanal
1 (O) Armd Sqn NCC Cuttack
1 (O) Arty Bty NCC Cuttack
4 (O) CTC NCC Cuttack
1 (O) Med Coy NCC Cuttack
1 (O) R&V Sqn NCC Bhubaneswar
3 (O) Naval Unit NCC Cuttack
Coy (Sainik School) Bhubaneswar
2 (O) Naval Unit NCC Bhadrak
1 (O) Girls Bn Bhubaneswar

The group is presently located at SO-15, Cantonment Road, Cuttack and being commanded by Col Rajinish Kapoor

Cuttack Office Residence
Gp Cdr 0671-2339033(Tele/Fax) 0671-2339031
Adm/Trg Offr 0671-2339032  
Office 0671-2339030  
1(O) Bn Cuttack
CO 0671-2610364  
1(O) Armd Sqn 0671-22339035
1(O) Arty Bty 0671-2339034  
4(O) CTC NCC 0671-2339036  
1(O) R&V Sqn NCC 0674-2397332  
1(O) Med Coy 0671-2414761  
12(O)Bn Dhenkanal
CO 06762-223336  
7(O) Bn Bhadrak
CO 06784-240416  
3(O) NU Cuttack 06752-2339037  
2 (O) NU NCC, Bhadrak 06784-240298  
E-mail ID [email protected]