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Preceding the Indo-Pak War of 1965, NCC Group HQ Sambalpur was raised on 15 Aug 65 by Lt Col AL Bhal of the Sikh Regt. The Gp HQ was located at Burla in the premises of University college of engineering with the aim to channelise the simmering energies of youth of Western Odisha through NCC trg and to offer them a unique opportunity to develop their personalities and to attract them to armed forces for the service of the mother land.

  Following units and sub-units came under its Comd
56 Odisha Rifle Bn NCC Sambalpur
57 Odisha Rifle Bn NCC Rourkela
58 Odisha Rifle Bn NCC Dhenkanal
1 Odisha Engr Regt NCC Burla
2 Odisha Engr Regt NCC Rourkela
3 Odisha Engr Regt NCC Keonjhar
4 Odisha Engr Regt NCC Jharsuguda
6 Odisha EME Unit NCC Rourkela
7 Odisha Engr Regt NCC Burla.
2 Odisha Engr Regt NCC Burla
3 Odisha Engr Regt NCC Sambalpur


The Gp re-organised in Jul 1967. Due to certain changes in the educational set up in the state necessitated by the raising of Sambalpur University at Burla. In Oct 1968, the Gp HQ was shifted to Sambalpur by Lt Col SK Jena and was located amidst the scenic greenery of Brooks Hill. The Gp HQ underwent another re-organisation in May 1977 due to formation of Sambalpur as a separate Revenue and Administrative Division and the orbat of the Group shaped as enumerated below :

5 (O) Bn NCC Sambalpur
9 (O) Bn NCC Rourkela
11 (O) Bn NCC Bolangir
3 (O) CTC NCC Burla
4 (O) Med Coy NCC Burla
4 (O) Naval Unit NCC Bhawanipatna
14(O) Bn NCC Keonjhar (New Raising)


The Group HQ was shifted to its present location at VSS Stadium on 1 Jun 99. The Group is presently being commanded by Col A S N Rao

Rank & Name Appt Telephone Nos.
Office Fax Mobile
1. Col Arun Kumar Gp Cdr 0663-2411125 2411125 9437091861
2. Col A N Singh Adm Offr 2412776 - 9437581676
3. Col Atul Chopra Trg Offr 2412494 - 9634259640
4. Lt Col KS Biest Offg CO, 5 (O) Bn NCC 2400560 2400560 8902404635
5. Col KVS Shina CO, 9 (O) Bn NCC 0661-2642117 2642117 7032657354
6. Lt Col AK Ahuja Offg CO, 11 (O) Bn NCC 06652-250755   7077700971
7. Col Y Ravishankar OC, 3 (O) CTC NCC 0663-2542388 2542388 9849736237
8. Col Y Ravishankar Offg OC, 4 (O) Med Coy NCC 0663-2430491 2430491  
9. Lt Cdr OP Patnaik CO, 4 (O) Naval Unit 06670-232184 232184 9869732870
10. Lt Col Joseph Antony Offg CO 14 (O) Bn NCC 06766-258120   7068000388


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