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Raising of NCC in an Institution

a) Condition for raising:


Any college is eligible for opening NCC SD/SW in the institution.

The college/school shall provide from among the members or its staff NCC officers for the unit/coy/troops at the scales prescribed in peace establishment.


The college/school shall give an undertaking that it can enroll and maintain upto strength of unit/coy/troops or part thereof, which may be allotted to it.


The college/school shall provide for the unit/coy/troop or part their of which may be allotted to it, a storeroom for the storage of equipment and an office room for the unit/coy/troop.


The college/school shall provide a suitable miniature rifle range or arrange to obtain the use of such a miniature rifle range.


The college/school shall be in a position to supplement from its own funds the financial grants made in the state govt for the unit/coy/troop or part thereof which may be allotted to it.


The college/school shall be in a position to provide the services of a lascar as per authorization or peace establishment for smooth conduct of NCC activities (for self financing institutions)

ii) Institutions should apply to the NCC Unit nearest to them.

The unit will keep the institution in their waiting list. If strength is available, unit will study the feasibility by visiting physically the institution. Strength of either 50/100 will be allotted as per waiting list, through the process of suspending another institution or getting NOC from another institution. The institution will be asked to apply in prescribed format available with unit alongwith certain documents.


The unit will forward the same duly recommended to his Gp HQ. Gp Cdr, of NCC Gp HQ further will recommend to Dte. After scrutinizing properly the same will forwarded to DHE(O) recommended by DDG.


After receipt from DHE(O) for further approval, application will be sent to HQ DG NCC New Delhi. Only on receipt of approval NCC will be raised in said institution. If NCC activities are functioning without written approval of HQ DG NCC, it will be considered illegal and appropriate action will be initiated against the institution as well as unit concerned.


Application form May be down loaded from HQ DG NCC web site.



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